We create and promote fun, hands-on,
rhythmic activity for groups of all ages,
and we do so with the intention to
inspire, explore and celebrate together.

Welcome to
Village Events

Book us for your next event. We bring lots of drums and hand percussion to your location and create a motivational, fun, and energizing time for all participants.

Get in the groove:

Fun for the whole family.

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Join our meetup group. It only takes a minute. Stay informed of upcoming Drum & Dance events in the Gwinnett and North Georgia area.

Drum Circle Meetups

Here is what we sound like: 

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About the facilitators:

Matt and Charlotte have been drumming and dancing for years. They've taught classes, facilitated drum circles, and created rhythmic events since 2001. Their passion for rhythm and dance keeps the circle lively and fun.

Whenever we all gather to share our authentic expression,
and do so with a willingness to listen and cooperate,
we will make beautiful music together.

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Group Music-making brings people together in way quite rare in today's society. Participants often leave this highly experiential rhythmic activity feeling changed. They feel more open, connected, and are walking with a bounce in their step.

Facilitated group drumming is a powerful way for people of all ages to easily access the joy of music-making with no prior experience. The rhythm invites everyone to find their place and it encourages spontaneous response and stimulates creatvity. (Why a facilitated drum circle?)


  • laughter
  • boosted self-confidence
  • sense of community
  • stress relief
  • energizing
  • breakdown of racial, class, gender, age, and culture barriers
  • active listening
  • team-building
  • and much more

Community Drum Circles are a fun and exciting facilitated experience for the whole family. It is not unusual to have an age range of 60 years among participants, making it a powerful way to build community.

Everyone who plays has something to offer the circle. No prior musical experience is needed and authentic expression that supports the group is encouraged.

Village Events hosts a variety of community drum circles in various public venues around the North Georgia area. Contact us for more information or to schedule one in your area.

Village Events hosts Drum & Dance in Gwinnett - a fun gathering providing opporutnity to drum, dance, and laugh with others. See side bar for information about this Meetup group.